The Left’s Sex Scandals Are just Beginning

When you “think the right thoughts” and say the right things, you end up believing that you can take advantage of your “constituents”, especially if they are women.



Hollywood and Left-wing Media Is Full of Misogynists and Perverts

The dam has broken and the outing is in full swing. To be fair, there are a few media conservatives in here as well, but the overwhelming number appears to be left-wing social justice warriors who talk the talk but don’t walk the walk, making them huge hypocrites. Is there any lefty male in Hollywood who is not a pervert?

Hollywood Hates Us Deplorables

Very long but very interesting and worth the read. Excellent history of Hollywood’s open Communism and how it metastasized into a far-left run town that will stop at nothing to ruin anyone with opposing views.

I love that the right has declared war and become creative in its opposition. Simple economic boycotts help, but more should be done. I began my own personal boycott a few years ago, rarely going to a movie or watching original programming on TV. I wonder if Walt Disney would approve of his namesake becoming a corporation of far-left social-justice warriors?


Two Words of Advice

Boycott Hollywood. Given how all-in the entertainment industry is on trying to destroy America with its warped leftist platform, and how they are out to destroy the Trump presidency, and how profane and vile they are, I think it is time they pay the consequences. Stop going to movies, buying their music, watching their shows, ignore them. The only way to stop the craziness is to hit them where it hurts. These parasites have benefitted from living in this country and prospering too long. I am at the point of unplugging.