Free-Speech Loving Leftists Riot to Prevent Free Speech

Social-Justice Warrior (SJW) snowflakes. Irony:

A couple of additional points:

Once proud Cal Berkeley is now a leftist shit-hole.

CNN is a total disgrace. Milo is not guilty of hate speech. Apparently to the leftist scum now running CNN, anything they disagree with is “hate speech”.

It’s Suddenly Fashionable For LWM To Talk About Urban Crime

Now that Obama is gone, the press has suddenly discovered the carnage in American cities. It’s as if violent crime suddenly was turned on by a switch. Wait, I thought Trump was all “dark” when he talked about this?


Leftist Hypocrisy and Totalitarianism On Full Display Over Muslim Refugee Restrictions

Some good articles:


EPA Meltdown

No government agency has done more harm to the country or abused its power more than the EPA. Now that it is rightfully under assault, the career bureaucrats and pseudo-scientists are fighting for their livelihood, if not lives. Make no mistake, this is about power and mostly money for these corrupt frauds. Eliminating the EPA will not turn the US into a dystopian wasteland a la the movie Wall-E. Big government is under attack at every turn, and the only way it can defend itself is hyperventilating about coming disaster if, God-forbid, government is reined-in.


Sally Yates Wanted To Get Fired

The acting AG did not disagree with Trump on the law, she simply thought the immigration order wasn’t “wise or just”.

News flash: you cannot have a government bureaucrat acting capriciously and arbitrarily decided which laws to enforce. It leads to lawlessness, or anarchy. She is a disgrace and deserved to be fired.