The Moral and Intellectual Rot at CNN

The terrible terrorist attack in Barcelona has taken Charlottesville off the front page for now, but the dopes at CNN just couldn’t help themselves. It is no secret that CNN has gone all-in on far-leftism, making MSNBC look balanced. One of their commentators (an ex-Obama stooge) and their obtuse anchor, Wolf Blitzer, could be heard today musing on whether the Barcelona attack could be a “copycat” of what happened in Virginia. Note to CNN: look up Nice, Berlin, London and Stockholm you idiots. CNN is staffed by stupid, odious far-left propagandists. Sad.

On Charlottesville Trump Was More Right Than Wrong

I  just wish he had said it better and not been baited by the media. NBC and the BBC, not exactly Trump-friendly, both report that the left came ready to rumble. Unfortunately their reporting is a little late.


Charlottesville Virtue Signaling

There can be legitimate opposition to the removal of Confederate monuments, but the far-left has been allowed to frame it in one word: racism. See, the left is on the side of “good” while their opposition is “bad”. Therefore, their violence is somehow “legitimate”. This is very troubling and will not stop there. We see it in all kinds of issues.

We have something called freedom of speech for a reason. And no matter how offensive it may be, nobody has the right to commit violence to stop it.


The (Literal) Culture War

As if to prove my point, at the exact same time as the left is going bonkers over Charlottesville (civil unrest is far from unprecedented in the US) Yale University is literally whitewashing a building façade some may find “triggering” and a radical leftist NY representative is labeling the NRA as a “domestic security threat”. And we wonder why there is an increase in rancor. How ironic.

Sadly, the same National Review sees fit to attack the ‘alt-right’ and Trump.

Parting shot. I don’t recall the left-wing media expressing much concern when one of their own attempted to murder multiple Congressmen recently.