The Great “Awokening”

This does a good job explaining the “social justice” crowd and far-left radicalism. Put another way, all this anger and blame leads to what I call the hierarchy of grievance. As an aside, “social justice” should become a dirty word, as it has become abused to restrict liberty and promote damaging socialism.



Reasons To Vote Democrat

  1. You want to pay higher taxes.
  2. You want the federal government making your medical decisions for you and denying you treatment.
  3. You prefer socialism over freedom and liberty.
  4. You hate low unemployment, record economic growth, record high stock markets, less regulation, law and order, a secure border, our enemies fearing and respecting us, and peace.

Elizabeth Warren’s Wacky Capitalism

Note to Senator Fauxcahontas – Most large companies openly encourage their employees become shareholders or even GIVE them equity these days. Also, the most successful companies are those with the HIGHEST returns to shareholders. Boy, is she stupid, and dangerous!