Gutless Antifa Punks Assault Conservatives Having Breakfast

Charlie Kirk and Candace Owens, the latter a young black woman. Because, you know, white supremacy! The law needs to crack-down hard on Antifa and anyone associated with it. It is a criminal enterprise. And if it won’t the people need to take matters in their own hands.

Kirk and Owens show remarkable restraint here; watch the video. And notice the protestors: silly, infantile, white, unkempt, likely privileged millennial punks. They only act tough when they have overwhelming numbers. I bet if six or eight healthy white conservative males showed up these punks would scurry like mice. This behavior is sickening in a civil society and needs to be stopped, now. Notice all the violence and civil disobedience these days comes from the left. What say you, CNN?

Glenn Beck nails it:

Looks like 1950’s Democrat racism all over again, shouting at a black woman who dares stray from the leftist plantation. Oh the irony!




The Left’s Attack On Speech

Liberty is under assault from the far-left, especially as it relates to speech. Notice the progression. First the left tried to paint their opposition as simply “racist”. Then, they became “fascists”. Now, everyone is a “white supremacist”. The former is just odious, the latter “dangerous”. This is a conscience tactic by the far-left because they feel that if they can successfully brand their opposition as such, it legitimizes violence and the taking of rights. Their goal is to make all others second-class citizens or worse. It is right out of the Marxist, fascist, Alinsky playbook.

Along the same lines, ESPN continues to swirl the toilet when one of its African-American anchors goes on a Twitter rant against Trump. This creature would have been fired on the spot if the rant had been about Obama, Clinton or any other leftist politician.



Monuments, History and The Far-Left

I predicted this a few days ago. I just thought it would take more than 15 minutes. But the far-left has expanded its attack on Confederate icons to go after our founding fathers and other great Americans. A Chicago pastor wants to remove Washington’s name from its public parks because he was a slave owner.

The odious Al Sharpton and a Democrat congresswoman want Washington and Jefferson banned from public squares. The media mocked Trump when he suggested exactly this in his presser gone awry Tuesday, but on cue the trained seals on the left did exactly as predicted. Boy, is he right more often than not! A statue of Lincoln, (Lincoln!) was defaced in Chicago, I guess because he was a Republican. I guess this person is too stupid to know he freed the slaves. Woodrow Wilson, the progressive icon has been under attack at Princeton. Teddy Roosevelt is in the crosshairs of some. Far-left radicals are not interested in stamping out racism; the are nihilists who want to destroy the country, erase history and banish anything they view as objectionable. This is what the fascists did in 1930’s Europe. This is what ISIS is doing today.

Why stop there? Take all our dead white former presidents off our currency. Rename Washington DC. Let’s destroy all Roman ruins because they enslaved people and sent Christians to their deaths in the coliseum. Lets tear down the pyramids since they were built by slaves. Mount Rushmore? Celebrates imperialists and slave owners…gone. FDR? He imprisoned the Japanese. Custer National Park? He killed native Americans by the thousands. And the Reagan library? The left hates him! See where this is going? To the left all that matters is today and their emotions. Soon they will want to tear up the Constitution and get rid of the American flag. I have an idea, I want Che Guevara T-shirts banned, the murdering communist that he was. See, we can both play the game.

I hope this will end badly for the left. Political opportunists like Corey Booker are taking advantage of the moment. Where were all these people when Obama was in office? Why now? I don’t recall them making a fuss about this, oh, ever before! I’ll tell you why, because Trump is in office. This would have been a massive embarrassment to a Dem president. The US has never been perfect, but our leaders by and large were more good then bad. Their memorials deserve our respect and honoring. The whole spectacle is disgusting.