The Left Destroys Everything (or Tries To)

Let’s not allow them to ruin sports. The left has already destroyed journalism. They have damaged education immeasurably. They have tried mightily to ruin entertainment. They have tried with sports but have yet to succeed. There are a few reasons for this. In certain sports the fan base skews conservative. Very few sports are run by or followed by leftists primarily. Fans tend to be patriotic. People want their sports free of politics. The misguided kneeling protests in the NFL and the politicization of ESPN, both of which damaged their businesses, are proof of this. In addition, sports represents a meritocracy and a real opportunity to compete and socialize with people from diverse backgrounds. Sports usually bring out the best in us. My kids have had the opportunity to compete with and against kids who are white, black, Asian, and Indian with not a single issue or problem. They are teammates, opponents, friends and are respected as human beings, not as some racial group. Sports unites us, but leftism divides.

You can count on the far-left to use the Floyd killing and domestic unrest to once again politicize sports. It is already happening, from the shameful bullying of Drew Brees, who said nothing wrong, to the NFL prostrating itself at the alter of BLM. And it is going to get worse. It is probably a blessing right now that we are largely sports-free, saving us from the preachy lecturing from a bunch of multi-multi-millionaires. One black ex-football player nailed it when he said “the NFL has done more to lift black men out of poverty than perhaps any business in the country’s history. quit complaining”. If athletes and leagues want to use their bully pulpit to tell us how terrible we are and to repent, I suggest we all vote with our feet. Sports are supposed to be an escape. I am perfectly fine playing rec sports as an adult and watching my kids compete in high school. I am happy to walk away from sports entertainment if the left takes over.


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