The Government Healthcare Industrial Complex Is Collapsing

Corruption, bad science, far-left radicalism, wokeness and dishonesty is apparently leading to massive defections from the CDC and NIH. This cannot happen fast enough. Big medicine in cahoots with government is leading to terrible outcomes, bad health and immeasurable costs.


Covid Exposed: A Doorway to Illness, Tyranny and Conspiracy

Several excellent articles.

The American healthcare industry is hopelessly corrupt and compromised because it is beholden to Federal dollars. People need to wake up that neither the government nor much of big medicine has your welfare at heart.

Archbishop Vigano warns Americans about the global Covid conspiracy:

Dr. Fauci is an evil megalomaniac. He is a poor doctor and scientist. He should be investigated and probably charged for crimes.

New Merck Anti-Viral May Help Eradicate Covid or It May Make Things Much Worse

Merck’s new antiviral drug Molnupiravir has been approved for use in the UK. It defeats Covid 19 by forcing numerous mutations that prevent the virus from reproducing. One prominent virologist, William Haseltine, has weighed in saying the use or over-use of the drug could be very dangerous by producing endless mutations that evade immunity and make people ill. Others have shared his concern. Given the medical professions over-use of antibiotics that has produced resistant super bacteria, I would say his fears are credible. Molnupiravir should only be used sparingly and in tightly controlled situations. The constant pushing of radical new vaccines and drugs points to the problem humanity now faces, that pharmaceuticals are seen as the solution to every health problem. That governments are in bed with big pharma and the latter sees immense profits only leads to abuse and corruption.