New Merck Anti-Viral May Help Eradicate Covid or It May Make Things Much Worse

Merck’s new antiviral drug Molnupiravir has been approved for use in the UK. It defeats Covid 19 by forcing numerous mutations that prevent the virus from reproducing. One prominent virologist, William Haseltine, has weighed in saying the use or over-use of the drug could be very dangerous by producing endless mutations that evade immunity and make people ill. Others have shared his concern. Given the medical professions over-use of antibiotics that has produced resistant super bacteria, I would say his fears are credible. Molnupiravir should only be used sparingly and in tightly controlled situations. The constant pushing of radical new vaccines and drugs points to the problem humanity now faces, that pharmaceuticals are seen as the solution to every health problem. That governments are in bed with big pharma and the latter sees immense profits only leads to abuse and corruption.


Seattle Is Dying

I highly recommend watching this hour long special. It vividly illustrates what happens when radical leftists rule a big city. Seattle has devolved into a hellish pit of drugs, filth, crime and lawlessness, largely because the far-left Democrat government is no longer enforcing the law. Seattle now ranks number two in the country in property crime among US big cities, trailing only….wait for it……San Francisco.

This is a very important show.


Until Mexican Drug Cartels Are Crushed, The Border Crisis Will Continue

Mexico is among the most-violent nations on Earth and sadly sits on our border. It’s murder rate is at least three times that of the “violent” US, and one study determined it was second only to Syria in murders during 2017.

“Cartel violence is getting worse all over Mexico, not just along the border. Last year brought a record 28,710 homicides nationwide, and this year is on track to surpass 30,000. May was the deadliest month ever recorded in Mexico since the government began releasing homicide data in 1998—2,890 people were killed, an average of four people per hour. By comparison, only Syria is more violent.”

Oh, and if you hadn’t heard, Mexico has strict “gun control”. Except of course, criminals do not care about silly gun control laws. When you are going to rob or murder, what is another gun possession charge?