Liberals and Leftists Are Ignorant and Stupid

Studies repeatedly show that those on the left, you know, the people of ‘science” and “truth” are repeatedly wrong on important factual matters. Like the number of unarmed black men shot by police each year. One great example is that a near majority of leftists believe that 1000 or more are shot annually when the actual number hovers around 11, an actual majority of “very liberal” believes this. Fewer than 20% of conservatives believe this, meanwhile.


PBS Fires Lawyer After He Was Caught On Tape Spewing Hate At Conservatives

Michael Beller, a vile parasite of a human should never work again. Sorry. A now former PBS lawyer was caught on tape saying that kids of Republican parents should be put in re-education camps, the White House should be fire-bombed and cheering Covid deaths in red states. This slug oozes creepy leftist elitism. The only shock was that he was fired before the ink was dried on the story.

Don’t kid yourself. Disgusting Marxist creeps like Beller have always been around. He’s cut from the same cloth as Stalin, Mao, Castro and Pol Pot, only much dumber. The only difference is few years ago he would have been considered a loon in this country, but now he represents the heart of the Democrat movement. Conservatives should play back his comments at every Democrat townhall in the country. Watch them squirm as the try to disavow this.

PBS lawyer seen on video calling for children of Republicans to be put in reducation camps (

Conservatives Need to Start Ignoring Laws

The left does it all the time. Ignoring borders, sanctuary cities, civil disobedience, obstructing commerce. Conservatives are far to polite and compliant. It is time to fight back.

When the left crams its agenda down our throat resistance is now required. Transgender bathrooms – ignore them, don’t pay the fine and sue the government for harassment. The same goes with contraception mandates, forcing businesses to cater to gay weddings, forcing Catholic hospitals to perform abortions, and allowing the EPA to tell landowners what they can or cannot do on their own land. I could go on and on.