Democrat Elites Are Still Furious

And they will try to take away as many freedoms as possible, dramatically increase government power, nationalize medicine, pass idiotic environment regulations, crush the working man, wreck the economy, polarize society and bankrupt the country if allowed.

America Is Unraveling

The author makes some good points:

However I have a couple of criticisms. First, where has she been? This has been going on for 20 years…it started with Gore. Second, her critique of the buffoonery of the electorate smacks of the elitism of the left. Did she catch that Trump has to date 71 million votes, the second most ever and 8 million more than he received in 2016 and has a majority outside of California, never mind that hundreds of thousands if not millions of Biden votes are fraudulent?

Election Night Reveals Three Disturbing Facts

One, a disturbing number of Americans are woefully uninformed. That Biden wasn’t crushed by the electorate speaks volumes to how ignorant and unthinking 70mm Americans are.

Two, Fox News bureau, not the editorial arm, is firmly Never Trump if not also aligned with the left. The head there is Bill Sammon, a liberal. Their election night coverage was a disgrace. The gloom and doom in the room was evident when it looked like Trump would win. Their early call on Arizona, days before anyone else called it was irresponsible if not criminal. They did it before polls were even closed! I believe this is a violation of some rule, at minimum the FCC’s . Fox needs to be investigated and fined. I believe the call was orchestrated and done to make it appear that Trump lost momentum. Every other domino was falling or him.

Three, vote fraud is real and massive on the left. It has been going on for decades, but the GOP in the past was too weak, too corrupt to fight it so it just went along. It hasn’t turned a presidential election since 1960, but now it just got real. There is no confidence in our system anymore and there will not be unless it is thoroughly investigated and prosecuted. The left messed with the wrong guy. Trump has taught much of the GOP how to fight. Anyone thinking of being a whistleblower needs to come forward. The evidence is piling up. Wisconsin’s 90% turnout, a once in 1000 year occurrence, much of it in Milwaukee. Michigan postal workers going on record saying they were told to back-date ballots. The chaos in Detroit. Workers caught on video changing ballots. And then there is statistical improbability: Trump won every state by well over 1% while Biden stands to win FIVE STATES by less that a percent….two by less than 10,000 votes. You know what that is? That is tossing a coin five times and having it come up “heads” five times in a row!! That is a 3/100 occurrence. Possible but VERY unlikely. If the corruption of the Democrat Party gets exposed some good will come from this.

Detroit Is Not Tolerating Marxist Antifa and BLM Mayhem

You would think that given America’s summer of Marxist terror that Detroit would be right up there with other big American Democrat cities in terms of protests, violence and looting. You would be wrong! Detroit is not putting up with it. It has even put down a few BLM/Antifa wannabe riots, including one after the totally justified killing of an ARMED young black male by police in July – the prep fired POINT BLANK at a cop before he was gunned down.

Detroit has been down for too long and is finally experiencing a bit of a renaissance, and the people, the government, and the surrounding cities, many conservative, are not tolerating any crap. The city is still run by Democrats, but it finally has an honest, moral, ethical mayor after years of corruption, and a fantastic police chief who has seen much in his life. Democrats need more men of courage like these people.

More Proof That BLM Is A Violent Extremist Organization

What else would you call an outside organization that comes in and destroys a city and murders its political opponents? Perhaps terrorists?

Terrorism – n: the calculated use of violence, or threat of violence against civilians to attain goals that are political, religious, or ideological in nature.

(UPDATED) Portland BLM/Antifa Rioter Shoots And Kills Man Because He Supports Trump -Videos



Democrats Openly Threatening Violence If Trump Wins

Joe Biden basically admitted that much in his “prepared remarks” today, stating “you think Donald Trump can stop the violence?” or something of the sort. So he is basically saying “vote for me or else”. That’s what Antifa, the Bernie Bros and BLM have been saying for months.

So the Marxist Democrat party could not get rid of Trump after trying all of the following: recall, Russia collusion, impeachment, Ukraine conspiracy, and “racism”. So they turn to their shock troops to tear cities apart and threaten the American people with violence. What do you think will happen if, God forbid Biden wins this fall and they take Congress? You think giving a thug what he wants will make them stop? What are we going to do about it?