Texas Sues Multiple States Over Their Unconstitutional Election Changes

Excellent. Brilliant move, Hail Mary or a little of both? Texas has fired the first shot and the left-wing media is going to go bonkers. Could this be the first step in dissolving the country if states violate the Constitution and allow fraudulent elections to continue? If I were Texas, Florida or another influential conservative state I would make it well known that they will be happy to leave the Union over this. That and make it known that they have no interest being in a country where they have to subsidize the corrupt, failing kleptocracies of California, IL and NY/NJ. California did as much in what was simply a temper-tantrum over Trump winning in 2016 with no evidence of malfeasance. 

Texas Sues Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin at Supreme Court over Election Rules (breitbart.com)


Polling Bias Points to Election Year Fraud

Trump is right, the election is rigged, at least by the media. And the sun rises in the east. A 9% built in polling bias favoring Dems is absurd – ABC/WaPo poll, as is a 12 point Clinton lead. And WikiLeaks once again exposes the Democratic conspiracy.


Amazing, when many other polls have it a dead heat. The objective here is clearly to suppress turnout for Trump. I have always wondered, could it have the opposite effect of suppressing Dem turnout if their voters feel the election is over, so why vote?