Leftist Grifter Elizabeth Warren Calls Elon Musk a Freeloader and a Cheat, It Does Not Go Well For Her

One of my universal rules in life is that when an ideologue, especially a leftist, calls someone a name, they themselves are the guilty party. Elizabeth Warren is probably the biggest grifter in Congress. That is saying something. She is a liar, a phony, and angry vindictive person, and has sucked off the public her entire miserable life. She is not fit to govern. When she attempted to call out Elon Musk, inarguably one of the most brilliant people on the planet and a huge asset to this country, it did not end well for Fauxcahontas.



It Is Time To Ban “Sleigh Ride”

The following is a work of satire:

As with so many artifacts of American culture, the song “Sleigh Ride” which harkens back to a simpler time and supposed Christmas joy is in fact highly offensive and must be banned immediately. The song invokes the use of horse labor in the sleigh ride. Do these horses volunteer for this work? Even worse, the sound or a whip can be heard at times which means the song is obviously pro-animal abuse. Furthermore, this sound may conjure up images of slavery and needlessly trigger so many of the immature, delicate psyches of this country. Why, Karen Garebuls of the Democratic Society to Cleanse American Culture has called Sleigh Ride “animal phobic, abusive, potentially racist and altogether highly offensive. There is no place in our America for such harmful music.” We have already been successful in stigmatizing “Baby It’s Cold Outside” as being supportive of date-rape, though sadly the song has not disappeared yet. There is still much work to be done, social-justice warriors, so get to it!

Merry Christmas

The NBA Is Run By a Bunch of Phony Social Justice Warriors

Quick to slam president Trump and to criticize any fake “outrage in the US” – “racism”, police brutality, an actual border – the head honchos at the NBA prostrated themselves in front of China (you know, ACTUAL totalitarians) when one of their execs dared to voice support for Hong Kong. What the NBA should have said in it’s official statement was “we love China’s money long time and more than anything in this world.”

The “Woke” NBA’s Response to China Is Pathetic