The (Literal) Culture War

As if to prove my point, at the exact same time as the left is going bonkers over Charlottesville (civil unrest is far from unprecedented in the US) Yale University is literally whitewashing a building façade some may find “triggering” and a radical leftist NY representative is labeling the NRA as a “domestic security threat”. And we wonder why there is an increase in rancor. How ironic.

Sadly, the same National Review sees fit to attack the ‘alt-right’ and Trump.

Parting shot. I don’t recall the left-wing media expressing much concern when one of their own attempted to murder multiple Congressmen recently.

White Supremacists and Far-Left Radicals Battle in Virginia

And both sides are to blame and should be condemned. However this is not the case. Republicans and conservatives want nothing to do with the tiny minority of neo-Nazis and are vocal about. But Democrats, leftist pols and the corrupt left-wing media either ignore the violent far-left Antifa or tacitly approves of it. Notice the popular media coverage is totally one-sided?

You see, they are on the side of “good”, they are against “racism”, they want “peace”. But they are not. They are anarchists and communists who want power and will destroy whatever or whomever stands in their way. They only want “peace” on their terms. In a world where everyone who opposes the left is “racist” nobody is racist. What happened in Charlottesville in the same thing playing out on college campuses everywhere. It is just that someone died, and someone fought back.

And one other thing. The left’s obsession with erasing images of history that it finds “offensive” is infantile and disrespectful. This is they same thing that communists did in the 1900’s and that ISIS is doing now. Our country’s history is not always pleasant and its actors were not perfect but our past political and military leaders should not be “whitewashed” over political correctness. Today it is Robert E. Lee, tomorrow it will be Jefferson. Mark my words.

The rise of hatred toward whites among the far-left is partially to blame for the state of things:




Obama’s “Smart Power” Disaster

Remember when Obama and his leftist minions argued that something called “smart power”; that is, their brilliant intellect and soaring rhetoric; would strengthen America’s position in the world and disarm our adversaries? Well, here is what it got us:

An expansionary Russia.

ISIS, now thankfully seemingly on the run

An empowered Iran, now with a path to the bomb

A nuclear North Korea with growing missile capabilities

In summation, a total disaster. And Trump has to clean it up. Thank you, American left and the Democrat party.

Al Gore’s Sequel Bombs

The inconvenient truth is that Al Gore is a fraud, charlatan and con-man. His latest climate change movie has bombed as folks have caught on, or simply do not care in an era of ISIS, domestic unrest and economic want.

I will go to this schyster’s movie when he gives up his private jet and 50,000 square foot house. In other words, never!