New Study Suggest We Are Likely Alone In The Galaxy If Not The Universe

I have not read the entire paper but will attempt to. Mind-blowing when you think about it. With the vastness of our galaxy let alone the universe, there seems to be more confidence that we may be alone if not practically that. It makes one question how there could not be a divine being behind the Earth and our creation. There are thought to be over 100 billion galaxies and trillions of stars in the universe. If life were the random result of the big bang a subsequent cosmic activities, where is it? Other studies have concluded that the number of stars and planets capable of creating and supporting life are extremely rare. To be continued.


Speaking of The Supreme Court

At minimum Justice Gorsuch validates Trump’s presidency, along with all of his lower court appointments and now replacing Kennedy. Gorsuch is a brilliant legal mind and is true to the Constitution and the rule of law. A Hillary Clinton presidency would have further packed Federal courts and done incalculable damage to the country. In ten years we would probably look like the farthest left-leaning European country. England or France, anyone?

In the Janus case involving forced public-sector union fees, what is it about leftists that makes them want to force their ideas on everyone? If unions are so good, shouldn’t they be thriving instead of dying? They once served a useful purpose but over the decades became corrupt bureaucracies that now largely function to fund the Democrat party.

Good Riddance, Justice Kennedy. He made some good rulings: most recently in the Janus union case, and in his scathing dissent on Obamacare, but also made many bad ones: most recently on gay-marriage. As the court’s “swing vote” Kennedy seemed to relish his power and you never really knew which way he would go. He seemed to view himself as the smartest guy in the room and a “philosopher king” when often times it seemed he was simply making up law as he went along.



Four Dissenting Votes in Travel Ban Case Are Disturbing

Justice Kagan has at times been shown to be reasonable. Ginsburg and Breyer are flaming leftists as is Sotomayor, who to boot has proven to be a judicial lightweight. Fortunately Kennedy is retiring so Trump gets another appointment and Ginsburg and Breyer are by far the oldest on the court. Two more retirements and a 7-2 Constitutionalist versus leftist split is not out of the question.


Until Mexican Drug Cartels Are Crushed, The Border Crisis Will Continue

Mexico is among the most-violent nations on Earth and sadly sits on our border. It’s murder rate is at least three times that of the “violent” US, and one study determined it was second only to Syria in murders during 2017.

“Cartel violence is getting worse all over Mexico, not just along the border. Last year brought a record 28,710 homicides nationwide, and this year is on track to surpass 30,000. May was the deadliest month ever recorded in Mexico since the government began releasing homicide data in 1998—2,890 people were killed, an average of four people per hour. By comparison, only Syria is more violent.”

Oh, and if you hadn’t heard, Mexico has strict “gun control”. Except of course, criminals do not care about silly gun control laws. When you are going to rob or murder, what is another gun possession charge?