It Is Well Past Time To Stop The Left

I sound like broken record. I have been saying this for years. Nonetheless, this article is one of the best opinion pieces and most important reads I have seen in a long time:

The Time for Talking with the Left is Long, Long Past – American Thinker

Leftists cannot be reasoned with or dealt with decently, because reason and decency do not exist in their world. I am not talking about liberals, the few that still exist. I am talking about leftists, Marxists. We must fight them at every turn with our intellect, through debate, the ballot box, and if necessary by force. The gloves have to come off. Think I am wrong? Here is a “fine representative from Detroit”:

“Make Them Pay”: Michigan State Rep. Cynthia Johnson Instructs “Soldiers” to Go After Trump Supporters (

Well, she has already paid by losing her committee posts, and there is a push to remove her from office. I suspect it will fail, because, you know “racism”, but it is a start.

And if you don’t think leftists are crazy, here’s more:

Woman Decorates Home With Christmas Lights, Receives Letter Calling Them a ‘Reminder Of Systemic Biases’; Did I Mention She’s a COVID Ward Nurse? (

I have hope that the tide is turning. Antifa punks were recently beaten and run out of town in Olympia, WA. The “Karen” mall Santa was fired. A crazy pro-lockdown teacher was caught on film cursing at parents who simply want their kids in school – she has been suspended. And now Ms. Johnson. Traditional Americans, conservatives and simply normal people have HAD IT with the far-left.