Democrats Are Soiling Their Pants

A conservative Mexican American women slaughtered a leftist Democrat in a D +12 district in a south Texas special election in a district that had not had a Republican representative in over 150 years. The Democrap Party stands to get a deserved butchering in the November election if this is any indication. The Red Wave may be a tsunami.

Ron DeSantis Is The Greatest Leader in America Today

He is showing the way on how to crush the Marxist Democrat Party. His latest endeavor is to sign a bill mandating that Florida schools teach actual civics including the dangers and evil of communism:

Ron DeSantis, Florida governor: Students will be taught that communism is evil – Washington Times

This is a move so obvious, yet so brilliant that I cannot believe another governor hasn’t thought of it. DeSantis has consistently shown himself to be smart, bold, courageous and absolutely unafraid of the leftist mob. Among his accomplishments: protecting Florida’s vulnerable population from Covid and having a mortality rate far below most “blue” states despite an aged population. Refusing to shut down and crush Florida’s economy which is now booming like few others. Presiding over a historical in-migration of refugees from failing blue states. Banning critical race theory and now this. I suspect other governors will copy his latest…we need 20-30 states to adopt such truth-based education, not the left-wing America-hating racialist trash that Democrats want and leftist academics have been successful promoting for the better part of the last 25 years.

The left is utterly terrified of DeSantis and for good reason. Expect the attacks on him to accelerate, but with little effect.

Perhaps The Best Political Ad I have EVER Seen!

Kimberly Klacik, a young black conservative woman running for Congress in Maryland absolutely OBLITERATES Black Lives Matter, the far-left and the Democrat Party that has DESTROYED black lives for decades.


An (Attempted) Objective Assessment of The 2018 Election

Well, that was fun. Regardless of the outcome, I, like probably 99% of Americans, am glad it is over. Context first:

In the Senate the GOP had a clear advantage with 26 of 35 races being Democrat seats and many of them being in GOP-friendly states. In the House the GOP faced an uphill battle with close to 50 retirements and historical trends pointing to the party in power typically losing 30 seats or more, and up to 63 (Obama). The Dems needed 23 to flip the House. The story was similar among state governors where the GOP had a number retiring or term-limited and started with an all-time record 33 governors.

The good: the GOP is poised to gain a net three Senate seats pending the outcomes of Florida and Arizona and the Mississippi run-off, the latter a near-lock as the state had two Republicans run, diluting the vote. This would take them to 54 with pick-ups in ND, Indiana, Missouri and Florida and one narrow loss in Nevada. They also appear to have lost Montana, unfortunately, by a few thousand votes. The Senate controls the judiciary and a large part of legislation, so expanding their number is huge to Trump and the GOP, especially with the electoral map being less Senate-friendly to them in 2020.

The not very good: the GOP lost control of the House as expected, but so far the losses are a net 26 (29 lost, 3 gained) so not as bad as many feared or projected. Furthermore, over half of these came from a mere six states: NY, NJ, VA, PA, IA and IL. A few more losses are expected perhaps bringing the number of total seats lost to around 30 or a little higher. This was not the “Blue Wave” that the Democrats and far-left media had been trumpeting. Dare I say, if the GOP had a more normal retirement number of 20-25, they likely would have held the House? On the governor’s side, the GOP appears to have lost seven states while gaining one, while the Dems picked up 7. Again, about as expected. Not great but given the all-time high of 33 states held, the GOP really had no place to go but down.

With this, I would say both sides largely held serve, and call it a minor loss for the GOP. Winning a couple more Senate seats and holding a few more governors or keeping the House would have been a huge win for the GOP and Trump, and they were not that far off. This was not a resounding Dem victory: do not listen to the corrupt media propaganda calling it such. But it was also not a victory for Trump, despite the way he is positioning it.

Time For “Conservative” Never-Trumpers to Come Home

Great stuff from Dennis Prager. Those who claim to be Republicans or conservatives need to get behind the President now. Prager makes the important point that some of these people do not understand that we are in a civil war with the far-left. Others are snooty elites, or are simply engaged in ex-post rationalization: they did not support Trump before so they cannot now.

If you told any of these people that their President appointed a conservative constitutionalist to the Supreme Court, bombed Syria, started to roll back Obamacare, rescinded hundreds of crippling regulations, proposed a budget with massive cuts, and condemned Iran in front of the Muslim world, all in the first 100 days, they would be jumping for joy if it was not Trump.


Party In Chaos?

Remember just a few weeks ago (and really for the past year) when the media said the Republican Party was headed for a civil war? It was going the way of the dodo. It may never win another national election. How did that work out?

After a resounding election victory (President, Senate majority with at most two seats lost, big House majority with only six seats lost, and further governor and state house pick-ups) the GOP is in a position of power that it has not seen in decades, if ever. Finally, at least for the next two years, the GOP is in a position to make some real positive change in this country. The populist “wing” won the White House while the conservative wing won Congress. Hopefully the two can find common ground.

The Democrats on the other hand are in disarray. Their only real leader leaving office, no bench to speak of, the cloud of corruption hanging over them, and unpopular platforms. The fact is, without California and New York, the Democrats might not ever win another national election.

Does the Dem Party have a future;

Check out the county by county electoral map:

And state legislatures:

I see a lot of red. Plus the GOP now controls 34 governorships, I believe.