NYT Tries To Put A Shiny Coat of Paint On Communism

They forgot the gulags, starvation, death camps, environmental devastation, executions….

With Communism these things are features, not bugs, but the leftist dopes at NYT are too stupid to know this.



Far-Left Media Embarrasses Itself With More Global Warming Hysteria

2016 was the hottest year on record! The end is near! Proclaims stories in the far-left New York Times and others, quoting another crap government study. Look a little further. No methodology is provided. In some stories they don’t even provide data, just hyperbole.

The actual rise, if you even believe the massaged data, was .01 degree C, well within the statistical margin of error. 2015’s increase was  .02 degree C, so same thing. The hyperventilating leftist media is embarrassing itself with such garbage, unscientific journalism. In statistical and scientific terms there is no increase, again even if you believe these crooked government studies. Nothing to see here.