Pope Francis Allegedly Wants World Government to Run US

Fact: the Pope is an radical leftist.

Fact: the Pope does not like the US or the hegemony it possesses.

Fact: the Pope is pro-open borders.

If this article is accurate, these latest musings from the Pope are even more disturbing. I am a convert to the religion and have no time whatsoever for Francis. He must go. Radical leftists have no business running any church, as leftism is essentially Godless.




Papal Embarrassment

For those of you not following this, the current Pope is an avowed leftist. To him, “climate change”, nationalism, and unrestrained capitalism are bigger threats to the world than radical Islam. He cannot even bring himself to criticize Muslim terrorists. Like most leftists, he probably buys the “oppressed” label. He is often an embarrassment as a Christian leader and is questionable as to his fitness to be Pope. And I say that as a practicing Catholic. Thankfully, there is growing consternation within the church.



The American Left Is Evil

And too many Christians, especially Catholics, have been compliant if not willing participants, often being duped by calls to “equality” or “social justice”. No Christian, not one, should vote for Hillary Clinton or a single Democrat this election if they actually followed their faith. The Democratic party is the party of death, cultural destruction and subservience to the God of government. Consider these facts:

“Our federal government has intimidated religious orders and churches, challenging religious freedom. The institution of the family has been redefined, and sexual identity has been gnosticized to the point of mocking biology. Assisted suicide is spreading, abortions since 1973 have reached a total equal to the population of Italy, and sexually transmitted diseases are at a record high.

<!– BEGIN JS TAG – Sharethrough 1×1 Objective journalism has died, justice has been corrupted, racial bitterness ruins cities, entertainment is degraded, knowledge of the liberal arts spirals downwards, and authentically Catholic universities have all but vanished. A weak and confused foreign policy has encouraged aggressor nations and terrorism, while metastasized immigration is destroying remnant Western cultures, and genocide is slaughtering Christian populations.
The cynical promise of economic prosperity is mocked by the lowest rate of labor participation in 40 years, an unprecedented number of people on food stamps and welfare assistance, and the largest disparity in wealth in over a century.”
That is the Obama legacy.

Cancel The Al Smith Dinner

It has become a joke and a farce. Say what you will about Trump’s morals, but at least he firmly supports religious liberty and mostly opposes abortion. Regarding Hillary, however, the Catholic Church embarrasses itself by inviting someone who is radically pro-abortion and openly hostile to Catholics specifically and Christians in general. It is hypocrisy at its worst and a disgrace. Perhaps the Al Smith folks should change the charity to one that is pro-life. I would love to see the Democrats’ reaction to that.



Far-left Tries To Manipulate Catholics

Religions need to start suing the corrupt left-wing US government. Separation of church and state dictates that government must keep hands off, not vice-versa. This is unconstitutional behavior, and highly unethical. The left has declared war on Christianity in this country, but not surprisingly other far more dangerous religions.