Tucker Carlson Shreds the Media, Big Tech and Elites Over Their Election Corruption

In two different monologues:



Fox News will likely fail when he and the few honest people left there leave. Fox News sold it’s soul when it let the Murdoch sons takeover and put Paul Ryan on the board.


Tucker Carlson: The Very Idea of Free Speech and Thought is Under Attack

It is VERY dangerous and must stop now. Left-wing media, academia and big tech is in on it. And many large corporations and influential people are acquiescing to the mob out of fear. Placating the mob will never work. If you apologize they will come back for more. Next they will make you kneel before them. Then they will make you admit to some “crime”. Then they will take your house. Then perhaps they will imprison you and if you are unlucky, give you a case of “lead poisoning”. History is full of such examples…too bad much of our country does not know its history. Like they said in Germany “when the Nazis had no one left to come for, they came for me.”

Tucker Carlson: Gretchen Whitmer is a Ghoul

100% right. Dead on. Gretchen Whitmer is a far-left ideologue and one of the worst governors in the country. She inexplicably was elected in 2018 in a moderate purple/blue state due to the fact that a popular GOP governor was term-limited and legalized pot was on the ballot. She has decreed that joint replacement surgery is not “essential” but abortion is. Got that? Abortion is “life sustaining”. She is a very odious woman. I suspect there is a lot of buyers remorse in Michigan right now.



American Higher Education In Crisis State

It is no secret that a majority of US colleges and universities have been overrun by leftist professors and administrators in recent decades, and that they have changed these institutions for the worse (unless you are a socialist or like Antifa). It is also no secret that college costs are ever inflating to the point that many question the value of a higher education. What is not as well known is that students are not learning anything. Studies show that proficiency rates for college grads are dropping across disciplines and that students spend more time playing than learning. Colleges have spent billions on luxury dorms, social halls and athletic facilities to the point that they have become country clubs, or for many of today’s thumb-sucking snowflakes, expensive playpens.

Most public institutions are infected with leftists as are many of the formerly “top” private liberal arts schools, like the entire Ivy League. These schools have no interest in teaching their students HOW to think, they are only interested in teaching them WHAT to think. This is called indoctrination. Out are traditional studies in the humanities and hard sciences, in are worthless programs in women’s, gender, and race studies. As a result students graduate with worthless degrees and heavily indebted.

This is a national crisis. If you want to get your child a high-quality education I would avoid state schools and the “well known” liberal arts schools like the plague. Look instead to top conservative schools like Hillsdale, Liberty or St Johns NM. Here is a list of some top conservative institutions:


Another place to look is schools with a strong faith-based orientation, like Catholic U, Ave Maria, Hope College or BYU. If you are interested in the hard sciences, look at schools like MIT, Cal Tech, Rice, University of Chicago, the Naval and Air Force Academies, Carnegie Mellon and the like.

Tucker Carlson had an excellent piece the other night on the sad state of higher education. This is well worth the watch:


Watch Tucker Carlson Destroy Dem Transgender Activist

Pay close attention to the line of attack from this leftist piece of filth. First off, he refuses to acknowledge that all Trump did was return law to where it was a year ago. This is typical of the left: you take away some “right” that did not exist until a few minutes ago and they act like you are reinstating slavery. Second, the personal attacks: Trump is a “monster and a coward” who has been “emasculated by Putin” and is taking it out on “poor, helpless transgender children. Never mind that there are what, a few thousand of these poor urchins in the country. Logical fallacy alert!

This pathetic moron cannot answer a single question Carlson presents. He is despicable, as are 99% of leftists. This really sickens me to see people like this. This what the culture war is all about folks, and these people must be crushed.