Some Promising Signs of Leftism’s Decline

People are starting to get fed up and voting with their feet and wallets.

Far-left Evergreen State University is imploding. Applications are way down.

Far-left controlled cities and states are suffering from out-migration.


The War On Wisdom

More from Dennis Prager. A good follow up to his “fear of the left” piece. Besides a war on society, culture and language, the left is waging war on wisdom literally making our country dumber and less sensical. Some of it is simply silly, but much of it is very dangerous. Leftists do not want people to think, they want them to emote. They want a bunch of senseless drones who march in lock-step with leftist ideology. This is what has become of the Democrat party.


American Higher Education In Crisis State

It is no secret that a majority of US colleges and universities have been overrun by leftist professors and administrators in recent decades, and that they have changed these institutions for the worse (unless you are a socialist or like Antifa). It is also no secret that college costs are ever inflating to the point that many question the value of a higher education. What is not as well known is that students are not learning anything. Studies show that proficiency rates for college grads are dropping across disciplines and that students spend more time playing than learning. Colleges have spent billions on luxury dorms, social halls and athletic facilities to the point that they have become country clubs, or for many of today’s thumb-sucking snowflakes, expensive playpens.

Most public institutions are infected with leftists as are many of the formerly “top” private liberal arts schools, like the entire Ivy League. These schools have no interest in teaching their students HOW to think, they are only interested in teaching them WHAT to think. This is called indoctrination. Out are traditional studies in the humanities and hard sciences, in are worthless programs in women’s, gender, and race studies. As a result students graduate with worthless degrees and heavily indebted.

This is a national crisis. If you want to get your child a high-quality education I would avoid state schools and the “well known” liberal arts schools like the plague. Look instead to top conservative schools like Hillsdale, Liberty or St Johns NM. Here is a list of some top conservative institutions:

Another place to look is schools with a strong faith-based orientation, like Catholic U, Ave Maria, Hope College or BYU. If you are interested in the hard sciences, look at schools like MIT, Cal Tech, Rice, University of Chicago, the Naval and Air Force Academies, Carnegie Mellon and the like.

Tucker Carlson had an excellent piece the other night on the sad state of higher education. This is well worth the watch:

Blame The Left For Out of Control Moralizing

Stating the obvious, but this is a good article nonetheless. Literally nothing is out of reach for leftists to condemn or moralize over.

Quote – “In America today, being moral is out and moralizing is in. Just witness the nonstop spectacle of moralizing everywhere you turn—from The New Yorker’s panicked denunciation of Chick-fil-A’s “infiltration” of New York, to gun control activist David Hogg’s boycotts, to the protestor with a megaphone shouting in a Starbucks clerk’s face.”

Even beloved Apu from the Simpsons is under attack. The show has been on for nearly 30 years and NOW some unhinged Indian “comedian” is offended? Where has this jack-hole been?

Anyway, enjoy:


Vile Pro-Arab Leftist Prof Celebrates Barbara Bush’s Death

Funny, I don’t recall any prominent conservative celebrating some leftist’s death recently. This is the American left in all its glory. They hate…it is what they do. Disgusting and vile. Furthermore her critique of Mrs. Bush is irrational and unhinged. Boy, I would just LOVE her to teach my kids. Her contact information is easily available on the Fresno State website, though I suspect it has been blocked. She should be fired immediately.