Chicago A Sanctuary City?

Rahm Emanuel, one of the most dishonest, conniving, deceitful, thuggish, and hypocritical politicians in this country (and that is saying something) has gone on record as saying Chicago will always be a sanctuary to illegals. Pity Chicago isn’t a sanctuary to the dozens (mostly black) getting gunned down in Chicago weekly!


Party In Chaos?

Remember just a few weeks ago (and really for the past year) when the media said the Republican Party was headed for a civil war? It was going the way of the dodo. It may never win another national election. How did that work out?

After a resounding election victory (President, Senate majority with at most two seats lost, big House majority with only¬†six seats lost, and further governor and state house pick-ups) the GOP is in a position of power that it has not seen in decades, if ever. Finally, at least for the next two years, the GOP is in a position to make some real positive change in this country. The populist “wing” won the White House while the conservative wing won Congress. Hopefully the two can find common ground.

The Democrats on the other hand are in disarray. Their only real leader leaving office, no bench to speak of, the cloud of corruption hanging over them, and unpopular platforms. The fact is, without California and New York, the Democrats might not ever win another national election.

Does the Dem Party have a future;

Check out the county by county electoral map:

And state legislatures:

I see a lot of red. Plus the GOP now controls 34 governorships, I believe.


Far-Left and Conservatives Blame Whom For Trump?

Conservative media? WTF!? Bwa-ha-ha-ha-ha!

The post-election blame game is absolutely hilarious. Of all the stupid excuses this takes the cake. The far-left and far-left media are far more to “blame” (I say credit) with Trump’s ascension, as is the “conservative” GOP establishment. Look in the mirror folks. To blame conservative media when Trump faced an absolute avalanche of negative coverage from the other side is absurd. It is called balance.


Post-election Hatred and Vitriol From the Left

The political class, including President Obama and Hillary Clinton, has been very gracious and professional in the shocking aftermath of Trump’s election. The left-wing media and Democratic voting rabble rousers? Not so much. Apparently Soros funded MoveOn issued a call to action to stage protest marches.