Democrat Elites Are Still Furious

And they will try to take away as many freedoms as possible, dramatically increase government power, nationalize medicine, pass idiotic environment regulations, crush the working man, wreck the economy, polarize society and bankrupt the country if allowed.

Tucker Carlson Shreds the Media, Big Tech and Elites Over Their Election Corruption

In two different monologues:

Fox News will likely fail when he and the few honest people left there leave. Fox News sold it’s soul when it let the Murdoch sons takeover and put Paul Ryan on the board.

Probability and Statistics Show a Biden “Win” is Highly Improbable

Here are a number of very curious statistics around the Presidential election:

As mentioned previously, Trump prevailed in every state he won easily, yet five key states within 1% margin are all going to Biden.

Trump increased his vote total by over 8 million votes from 2016, the second most votes EVER and a 12% increase. No president has ever lost an election when increasing his vote total that much. Biden received 6 million more votes than 2008 Obama and turnout sits at 62.5%, the most since the 1960’s. Does anyone believe that Biden got more votes and more turnout than Obama?

Absentee and mail-in votes counted in Michigan and Pennsylvania skewed far heavier than those requested in those states by party. This is inexplicable.

Voter turnout in Wisconsin was 90%, a near statistical impossibility.

Trump appeared to be winning in a runaway when suddenly large leads disappeared in the middle of the night in WI, PA, MI and GA.

Ohio is very comparable to PA and MI demographically and culturally, as is Iowa with WI. Trump won Ohio and Iowa going away. Something stinks.

Biden actually got fewer votes in big cities like New York, Chicago and Miami than Clinton but was way up in Detroit, Atlanta, Milwaukee and Pittsburgh. Hmmm.

Add this all up and it not only looks like Democrat vote fraud but probable election manipulation or hacking. It’s anyone’s guess if it was the deep state or another party.

Aren’t Democrats supposed to be the party of “science” and logic?

Here is an excellent article documenting fraud as well as more analytics.

America Is Unraveling

The author makes some good points:

However I have a couple of criticisms. First, where has she been? This has been going on for 20 years…it started with Gore. Second, her critique of the buffoonery of the electorate smacks of the elitism of the left. Did she catch that Trump has to date 71 million votes, the second most ever and 8 million more than he received in 2016 and has a majority outside of California, never mind that hundreds of thousands if not millions of Biden votes are fraudulent?

A Few Interesting Election Facts

Joe Biden has won the popular vote by 4.25mm votes, and that is with likely sizeable fraud in Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Georgia at minimum. If you take away California, its own failing nation-state, Trump wins by over 100,000. Can we just get rid of California?

The GOP kept every state house (important for redistricting) and gained a governorship.

The GOP is in line to gain 16-18 House seats, putting them between 213 and 215 and almost taking the House. This after “predictions” had the Dems picking up 15-20 seats.

Take a look at the election map in this link and scroll down to House races:

Geographically speaking, a lot of red and not much blue. So much for the “blue wave”.

Trump Will Not Win Reelection, Now Here IS What Must Happen

We need an army of whistleblowers to come forward with evidence of cheating and fraud. This is already happening. The Federal government must investigate and prosecute crimes. State laws that enable fraud like in PA and MI must be challenged in court. All of the fraud needs to be made clear to the American people through honest media. But more needs to be done for future elections.

The GOP must recruit spies on the inside of the Democrat machine. They also need to hire people on the inside who have committed fraud so we know all of the tricks. There is a saying in the casino industry that holds true here: “to catch a cheat you have to hire a cheat”. The industry actually hires reformed cheaters (criminals) to advise them on ways to protect their business. This is a counter-intelligence operation. The GOP and honest law-enforcement needs to treat it like one.