American Left (Democrats) = Fascism

Fascism, noun – a system of government with one party rule, often under a dictatorship, with oppression of opposing views, central government control of the economy, and marked by the extensive use of propaganda.

Who puts a baker out of business for refusing to bake a cake for a gay wedding?

Who refuses to allow conservative student groups to organize on PUBLIC college campuses?

Who threatens, agitates and even riots when a conservative speaker is invited to campus?

Who refuses work to an entertainer who dares show up at a Trump (or any GOP) event?

Who threatens a traditionally black college marching band from Alabama because they dare to march in the Trump inauguration?

Who, in knee-jerk fashion, calls supporters of a candidate, racist, homophobic, misogynistic and stupid? I am talking about several clowns who coach in the NBA, among others. People like Gregg Popovich and Stan Van Gundy are disgusting, bigoted simpletons and limousine liberals.

Who demonizes anyone who disagrees with their radical leftist social agenda?

Who uses lies and vile, slanderous terms to characterize the other side, repeatedly?

Who labels anyone who opposes trans-gendered bathrooms¬† or gay marriage as “homophobic”?

Who uses their fame or media platform to spew lies and propaganda?

I could go on and on. It is the Democrat party and the American left. They have now crossed over to fascism while projecting it on the right. They are a very real threat to this country. Wake up.

Two Words of Advice

Boycott Hollywood. Given how all-in the entertainment industry is on trying to destroy America with its warped leftist platform, and how they are out to destroy the Trump presidency, and how profane and vile they are, I think it is time they pay the consequences. Stop going to movies, buying their music, watching their shows, ignore them. The only way to stop the craziness is to hit them where it hurts. These parasites have benefitted from living in this country and prospering too long. I am at the point of unplugging.

Protesting Trump

Peaceful protest should be allowed and in some cases encouraged, but there is a time and a place for it. The radical left continues to embarrass itself with its hateful inauguration protests, which, by the way, in some cases have not been peaceful. I am not saying ban these protestors, but less radical people on the left should try to influence or stop such childish, unseemly behavior. Protesting the inauguration is a disgrace to the country, and an embarrassment to the left. Not once have conservatives, Republicans, or right-wingers openly protested the election of a Democrat. There is a reason: we have far more class than the left. Then again, this behavior can only hurt the left further. Have at it!

How The Left Lost America

Hypocrisy and hissy-fits, intolerance and rioting, rudeness and delusion.

A few of examples:

Show your faces, you gutless sissies!


The last time this many Dem congressmen boycotted an inauguration, it was because Lincoln wanted to free the slaves. Now Donald Trump is trying to free America from dependency on government. No wonder the leftists are irate.



Left-Wing Media Doubles Down

Remember in the days after Donald Trump’s stunning victory how some in “mainstream” (leftist) media vowed to self-reflect, do a better job and be fair? Yeah, so do I. That lasted all of 15 minutes. Instead, corrupt LWM has gone full attack mode and positioned itself as arch-enemy of Trump. Any appearance of objectivity has disappeared and what is worse, they are engaging in bad “journalism” if you can even call it that. Actually, what they are engaging in is lies, propaganda and advocacy.

Here are a few examples from just this week. CNN, NYT and WaPo are all disgraces to journalism. They are nothing more than propaganda and pure garbage.

But it gets even worse. CNN ran a piece openly fantasizing about what would happen if Trump and Pence were assassinated before taking the oath of office. This is bordering on treason! Perhaps CNN forgot that the Obamas, Clintons, and others they love would also be on the dais, and would likely be taken out. Can you imagine what would have happened if Fox had run the same piece on Obama eight years ago?! Fox would probably have lost its license. CNN should be investigated! Outrage does not begin to describe this.



The Left in America is Unhinged

To hear the rantings of leftists in media, politics and everyday life, Donald Trump is about to unleash Hell on America. What is imminent is a shooting war with China, a return to slavery, the mass incarceration illegal immigrants and Muslims, the arrest of gays, and the total destruction of the environment. I think (and hope) that a vast majority of the country sees this as paranoid, unhinged hatred for anything not “progressive”, and continues to run away from the Democrat Party in droves. The end of this far-left party cannot come soon enough.

What I think and hope we see over the next year will be quite palatable to most Americans: tax cuts, decreased regulation, a freeze and cut in the size of government, an end to Obamacare, the border being enforced, a return to law and order, a respect for life and religious freedom, and aggressive action against radical Islamists. If that happens, it will be better times ahead.