Hollywood Hates Us Deplorables

Very long but very interesting and worth the read. Excellent history of Hollywood’s open Communism and how it metastasized into a far-left run town that will stop at nothing to ruin anyone with opposing views.

I love that the right has declared war and become creative in its opposition. Simple economic boycotts help, but more should be done. I began my own personal boycott a few years ago, rarely going to a movie or watching original programming on TV. I wonder if Walt Disney would approve of his namesake becoming a corporation of far-left social-justice warriors?



NYT Tries To Put A Shiny Coat of Paint On Communism

They forgot the gulags, starvation, death camps, environmental devastation, executions….

With Communism these things are features, not bugs, but the leftist dopes at NYT are too stupid to know this.